Hello world!

This blog is a project for my son. Lucky lad…

I decided that he needed to learn to type, but in France where we live, children are not taught to type at school. This seems strangely remiss because typing is one of the most useful skills to have in this computer-centred day and age.

I downloaded a typing software so he could learn where to put his fingers, but after that, it’s a matter of practice. How to get him to practice though? He doesn’t like writing anything outside homework; I know that because when he was excessively bored one day, I told him to create a blog called ‘J’ai treize ans et je m’ennui’ (I’m 13 and I’m bored) to chronicle his attempts at finding something to do. He never got past the first post.

Then I remembered my mother. She has quite a stock of travel diaries that she wrote during family holidays dating back to the 1960s. We all had to write a diary at that time, and she set the example – she did one too. It didn’t make it any better for us having to do one, example or no example, we always considered it a daily chore. Anyway, reading her diaries today, they are highly entertaining, not least for the light it throws on my disorganised dad.

So, Laurent’s project is to write up the diaries using all his fingers, and this will improve his typing and get him up to a good speed which will serve him well throughout his life, and one day he may thank me for it but I’m not counting on it.

My mother’s entertaining writing will be available online for whomever would like to read it and she’s jolly happy that her grandson has agreed to this project. As a full-time carer for my by now dotty Alzheimer-struck dad, her days are not always terribly amusing, so I’m pleased to be able to bring her humour and story-telling to a wider audience.

Sarah Hague
St Bloggie de Riviere


6 responses to “Hello world!

  1. What a super idea..
    Transmettre est aussi perdurer…
    We are who we were, who our parents were, ourselves, and our offsrping
    And how super to keepstrace of it..
    That is a form of eternity

  2. What a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to read all the escapades. Our family camped all over Western Canada and the North West of the US when I was a child. We have great memories, and I wish I had a diary of those days.

  3. Thank you for these first comments!

    It’s true, Peggy, that even though writing the diaries was a pain, looking back now at them is very entertaining. We drew pictures too and stuck in tickets. I can’t get my boys to do the same though, but then we don’t travel about as much as I used to with my parents.


  4. I shall very much enjoy reading these. Allez Laurent !

  5. Allez Laurent indeed! I’ve enjoyed them so far, so please don’t give up. They’re very revealing about how people thought of those in other countries in those days! I went on a school trip at about that time, but have no idea where the journal for that went – we had to write it up each evening, and then, a few weeks after the trip, each boy had to present his experiences. Quelle horreur!!

  6. I remember geography field trips with the obligatory diary too. Don’t know where that is either.

    Laurent seems to be quite happy to type and he’s been at it for a few weeks and can see how his typing is improving. There’s nothing like progress for motivating the troops.


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