Holland: 26 May 1969

A very wet night,  but reasonably clear in the morning, improving fast. Andrew and Sarah insinuated themselves into the garden of caravan opposite (‘Au bois blainc terrasse de la madeleine 13, Tournai) and joined in games with their 3 boys and two other children, including cards! Dread to think how they got on! Papa had made a neat little porch for their caravan and painted it to match it, but took it easy today. Children played football, badminton etc. Had our lunch outside, the weather  had improved so cold salmon and chips, red wine and tinned pears. Gareth at the booze again je regrette. After dinner, Sarah went to the river with a little boy. Andrew showed the older sister ‘What Do People Do All Day’ which fascinated her and they spent ages colouring pictures too. Then Andrew rejoined his pals and we rescued Gareth from his rest and went over to the river. Great activity here – rapids being shot by canoes, inflatable boats, people in wet suits and even the big flat ‘Hirondelle’ boat. Lots of interested spectators and plenty to see. This camp site has everything! Sarah distinguished herself by paddling in her sandals.

Several people left this evening, including the canoers,  and ton-up boys, fair-old exodus all evening in fact. We sat watching people opposite play football and various cars going. This has been a lovely camp site – situation beautiful, organisation marvellous. Well over 1000 people over the week-end, but no particular consciousness of it and the shops etc. a tremendous asset. Certainly worth coming back to.


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  1. I am having fun following this blog….thank you.

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