Holland: 28 May 1969

Awoke to heavy rain – thank heaven we were not in the tent – but to our delight it cleared after breakfast, so arranged to put the tent up in the evening. Then set off for The Hague along the motorway, past windmills and dairy polders. The Hague very muddling, but eventually found the Hook of Holland road – felt we had to do a dummy run of this journey. Found the Hook – lots of tomato, lettuce and cucumber cultivation round it. Big greenhouses with pillars rather than several long narrow ones. Had coffee in the Hook station – amazing man there in green velvet suit, embroidered waistcoat and big black hat. Then drove back to Scheveningen and tried to find fresh fish shop. Ha ha. Norway all over again, could not see one anywhere. Saw lots of women – mostly elderly – in national costume, black dresses, white aprons, white bonnets with two gold broaches surmounting. Did get some strawberries and small tomatoes, and eventually some haddock down a little side street. Lots of traffic again, lots of mopeds unexpectedly on pavement and road.

Found the Prom at Scheveningen and made for the beach. Sandy and breezy so sat in a windbreak – that and two deckchairs about 10/-! Children paddled, had picnic lunch and sun-bathed for a while. We needed the windbreak – certainly windy, and quite chilly for bikini-wearing but several people doing it. Refreshment places right on the beach with glass screens. Long complicated pier, enormous Kuiheras. Left at 2.30pm for Madinodam – it was lovely. Perfect scale model of Dutch town, like Bekonscat but more complicated. Loads of people there, several American and lots of school parties. Andrew, Sarah and Gareth enjoyed it greatly, Sarah particularly fascinated by fairground.

On our return home put up tent in a nook by the playground. Andrew and Sarah delighted! Watched European Cup on TV, Holland lost, gloom in audience.


3 responses to “Holland: 28 May 1969

  1. Sarah easily pleased ?

  2. I wonder who the man in the green velvet suit was?
    Wonderful, as ever, to read your mum’s diaries.

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