France: 24 May 1975

Got all packed up and off we went at 8.30am, making fairly good time through the rush-hour traffic. No one was sick this time, after Awful Warnings from us, a fat-free breakfast, and strict self-control being exercised! Arrived at Newhaven at 11.00am, drove slowly onto the boat by about 11.20 and found some seats up in the front, so that we could be near the window. We sailed late of course, at about 12.00 – fascinating to watch the front of the ship slowly drop into position. Sea quite gentle fortunately. Our boat, the’ Senlac’ (site of Battle of Hastings) and very new, only launched this year. Very smart coffee bar, all had coffee/fruit juice/tomato juice, and then settled down to lunch – chicken and salad from home. Children ravenous, especially Gareth. Andrew and Sarah found a juke box, kept them amused. We found the duty free shops and invested in a litre of gin (an enormous bottle) and some Glenfiddich.

Arrived Dieppe at 4.00pm, hours to wait before driving off the boat, most frustrating. Eventually off about 4.30, drove straight to camp-site – same awful one as last year, and then back to town for a walk round the shops. Children bought various odds and ends, we bought some maps. Food shops looked as delicious as ever. Wandered round the little streets near the quay, loads of little restaurants in them. Found the Relais Routiers, went back to the camp to change, and came back to it. Had a very nice meal, but the long waits between courses a bit much for the children. Lunch is really a safer meal to take them to. We had soup, crêpes au fruit de mer, tarte à la Normande and apple tart. Returned late – 10.00pm – to camp-site, and jumped quickly into bed, the weather being very cold, though dry and not windy.


2 responses to “France: 24 May 1975

  1. Can’t wait for the next episode, France May 25th 1975. Hurry up and get it typed up! These should be made into a retro TV series. What fun you must have had, how much do you remember?

  2. I don’t remember much of the Dieppe experience, but later on it gets more memorable. 🙂

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