France: 29 May 1975

Awoke to sunshine and the distant sound of the Paris-Bordeaux expresses. Ate our breakfast outside – toast and marmalade – then packed up the tent, all nice and dry this time. Drove off by 9.30am down the N10 to Poitiers which we had hoped to stop in and see the cathedral. Unfortunately, being a fortified hill town, there is very little parking space, we drove in frustration round the narrow little streets, and all we saw of the cathedral were the beautiful doorways. The walls were very impressive, with some nice landscape gardening incorporated in them, and that was our view of historic Poitiers.

Continued down the N10, not a bit nice with lots of heavy traffic, two and three lane roads, uninspired little towns and several stretches of roadworks. On the outskirts of Angoulême decided to visit the Euromarché which simply mentioned ‘meubles’ as its attraction, but in fact turned out to be a new and very pleasant hypermarket. Quite empty as it was lunch time, nice and cool, and much better merchandise than the Carrefour one. Did quite a big shop, including a football for Andrew, flip-flops and shoes for Gareth, paper tablecloths, lots of sea salt, peppercorns, olive oil (all v. cheap) and some routine shopping. Then adjourned to the self service for lunch – for 19Fr we collected rice/ham/salad, cold fish salad, two ham and salad, hamburger and two chips, rolls, butter and mushrooms à la Grècque, and then ate it in a very attractive cafeteria with dark tables and orange dralon upholstery. We followed this with ice cream, cakes and coffee and felt well satisfied with our visit, especially as we appropriated a trailer leg securing thing from the Trigano display!

Drove on from Angoulême to Periguex, rather nicer roads and then turned off for Sarlat. Nasty accident at one road junction, with one corpse being wheeled away. On through Les Eyzies (where they still had the toadstool coffee set) and Sarlat, and then in to Les Granges, where ‘our’ space was empty and waiting for us. Some bother fixing in the trailer leg, but eventually got the tent up, only to find David and Vera and family returning to the site! Delighted to see them, and Andrew very pleased to see Ian of course. After tea (M&S chicken in white sauce, jazzed, and frites) David and Vera came for a chat. We all had drinks and the children were very late in bed! (9.30pm). Went down to the bar and drank lots of hot chocolate before going to bed.


2 responses to “France: 29 May 1975

  1. We live about an hour from Poitiers – don’t go in that often, but have tried to make the effort a couple of times this summer. Seems nothing changes as we too have driven round and round getting more frustrated each time we pass the same thing and this happened on both occasions!

  2. Nice to know there’s continuity to the chaos. 🙂

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