France: 2 June 1975

Got up horribly early for holiday time at about 7.30am as we were going to Sarlat market. Had a quick breakfast and managed to find a parking space in the car park. Went to the food market first, as exotic as ever with the tubs of olives, live rabbits, foul of all sizes, flowers in great perfumed masses and a terrific jabbering and chattering filling the air. Bought a fat bunch of multicoloured pinks, some asparagus, olives, peas, carrots, fraises du bois and ordinary strawberries, honey and then went on to the fish shop where there were two lovely plump salmon trout, which we promptly snapped up, plus cherries and haricots jaunes. Called in at the other end of the market where the material stall man smiled happily at us (Sarah and I both wearing our material from last year) and dragged out some pieces of similar material- 15Fr a metre cheaper than last year, and I bought some in a very dark brown, black and white. Gareth and the others bought various small toys, then we adjourned to the co-op where we met the Coles family for about the 5th time, and bought some veal, wine and cream. Staggered back to the camp, broke and exhausted, and then settled down to preparing lunch – salmon trout being poached in a powerful court-bouillon. With it we had asparagus, peas, some haricots jaunes, and a bottle of pink fizz, followed by the mixed strawberries, cream and meringues bought from Sarlat. Gorgeous!

In the afternoon, left Andrew and Sarah at the camp site and went to Domme with Gareth – looking very pretty up there, flowers everywhere and preparations in hand for their fête. Sampled some of the liqueurs available – one tasted remarkably like syrup of figs, but the one we bought had a more delicate nutty taste and I found found very palatable. Had the Coles round for drinks – table being loaded with bottles got some very queer looks from passers by, especially our rather prim next door neighbours.

Supper a nice meal – crab soup mixed with the liquor the fish was cooked in, followed by some quiche lorraine from the restaurant, then the rest of the salmon trout cold with salad, followed by some more strawberries. Went down to the restaurant and had drinking chocolate, night having turned very cold indeed.

N.B. On the way back from Domme, saw an enormous hawk, and a red squirrel. Gareth delighted!


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