France: 4 June 1975

A fine but not excessively warm morning – spent it doing various bits of washing, and lolling round outside the tent. Went out to Cénac for lunch with the Coles family, Vera having to drive their car as David had a nasty hay fever bout en route. Arrived just as a bunch of the workmen did, and just beat them to what was obviously their usual table. However, more were soon pushed together for them, and we settled down to our soup, followed by egg, tomato and curried fish hors d’oeuvres. David Coles then had a portion of snails, and Sarah helped him eat them, very pleased with herself! (Especially as no one else seemed very anxious to eat them). We then had steak – very under-done, so we wrapped it in paper hankies and then in the plastic bag which I’d fortunately remembered to bring… After this, we had fruit, ice-cream and coffee and felt nicely full.

Drove over to La Roque Gageac, our children in the Coles car and Zoe in ours which was nice and peaceful. Having had a look around we then went back to camp and sat near the pool, the children going in and out of it, and even I went in, which shows how warm it had become! Afternoon was punctuated by wails from Fiona, youngest of the three children in the tent next to ours, and ineffectual attempts by her parents to stop her. Strong urge to smack little Fiona, hard.

For tea, we had the steak, rescued from the plastic bag and divided up, cooked in red wine, onions, and some portions of frites, very tasty. Followed this with some strawberries – the ones we’d bought along the road from Argentat yesterday – and they were lovely. After the children were in bed, little Fiona still wailing, we went down to the restaurant and had our hot chocolate.


4 responses to “France: 4 June 1975

  1. Tell me Sarah ….

    How did being a home alone child steer your future development ?


  2. We went to La Roque Gageac last summer – what a heavenly spot. We had a boat trip and I flirted outrageously with the boatman.

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