France: 6 June 1975

Weather reasonably good, and hope that today David’s orange tee-shirt will finally dry! Ate our breakfast out of doors – strawberries and croissants, and very nice too. Went into Sarlat for a final shop, taking just Gareth, the other two obviously preparing to spend the day in the pool. Bought wine quota – Muscadet, to add to the Cahors, and pink fizzy wine, and various tinned foods, biscuits, and other odds and ends. Gareth bought himself a little tea-set, which pleased him greatly, yet more fiddly little objects!

Came back to camp and started sorting out the cases, some things having got a bit damp in the various rainy spells we’d had. Children in and out of the pool non stop and enjoying it all very much.

Went to Cénac for our lunch, and had some very nice Cahors wine with it. Main course was chicken to Andrew’s great pleasure, no need for our plastic bags this time! Place was crammed with workmen, they seem to have a very regular clientèle.

Afterwards went back to the camp and continued the sorting out process, managing to get the outside awning off while it was still dry. Even that shirt of David’s dried, got it ironed and packed. Little Fiona still wailing incidentally – one feels a good smack would work wonders!

Opened some M&S stewed steak for tea, adding red wine, shallots, herbs and mushrooms. Resulting taste was very pleasant and all ate large quantities. Went down to the restaurant for a final drink and chat – had some cassis, which is like a super-potent Ribena, very interesting. Talked to the people from the big orange tent and discussed staying in the hotel at La Ferté St Aubin for the night. Much better than driving non-stop to the coast which they had been proposing to do. Rain alas, falling as we went to bed.


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