1970: May 24, Gillenfeld

It was much warmer last night, and awoke to a sunny day – just what we wanted as we’d planned a lazy day and this really needed sunshine. Various families arrived at the site mostly to caravans and coming from Trier, Koblenz and Wittlich. Did some airing of the tent and cleaning up generally and spent a lazy morning sitting outside reading while children played happily in the playground. Had a glass of wine in the restaurant, bought some P.C.s and investigated whether cabins were available for single nights, unfortunately not, which is a bit of a nuisance but still, Teutonic rigidity! Sarah practised acrobatics on the climbing frame and did remarkably well – soon hanging by her knees like an acrobat. Andrew hasn’t a clue… Had our lunch in the open, shoulder ham, salad and new potatoes and fresh fruit and wine. Sun really warm and bright. Andrew had to eat his in the tent he was so dazzled. Gareth had 1 hour sleep after dinner and Andrew played football with some German boys. Sarah hung upside down like a bat.

Then drove down to the Pulvermaar – the lake on whose rim the camp site stands. Almost perfectly round and surrounded by forest it is very attractive, the waters a bluey green. It couldn’t really be anything but a crater lake yet it seems odd in such an eroded area to see anything so plainly volcanic. We sat and read, Andrew and Sarah played first in the water, then all 3 (led by Sarah, of course) made friends with middle-aged couple and sat chatting to them and even had their photographs taken. Some hearty German folk singing floated across the water (and piano accordion accompaniment) and there were several people strolling round in their Sunday best. Rather scruffy camp site on the slopes of the lake, no amenities (i.e. toilets!) evident. On our return to the site at 5.30pm-ish Andrew furthered the friendship with the Germans and they all played together chasing in and out of the woods and football and hide and seek till bed time. They’ve certainly had an opportunity to work off their energy today and we’ve all soaked up plenty of sun – lovely.


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