1970: May 27, Memmingen – Natters

Had quite a good night, but David, who was next to Sarah did not fare so well! She needs to be put into a strait-jacket, not a bed. Had a gorgeous breakfast in the Hotel, with little individual jam and honey packs, and nice rolls. Bill for all this, including lock-up garage for the car was 30DM (about £3.10.0) altogether. Fantastically good and nice too. Did some shopping for lunch and then drove out, weather not too good.

Climbed steadily to Kempten and Fussen through increasingly alpine scenery, houses more and more like chalets with stacks of firewood under the spreading eaves; shutters and painted exterior. Fields covered with cowslips, oxslips and celandines. Snowy peaks in the background and lots of coniferous forest. From Fussen (quite large) detoured to the Royal Castles HohenSchwangau and Neuschwanstein – very dramatically sited, the latter in grey stone and the former covered with yellow stucco. Admired them from the outside, strolled round the shops, buying postcards galore and alpine flower bracelet for Sarah. There were horse-drawn carriages trotting round, stones weighing down some of the roofs, all very picturesque.

Went on past Lechfall, masses of water greenish, yellowish, grey cascading down, and into Austria briefly. Scenery spectacular with craggy mountains all round with accumulations of snow in sheltered parts. The Zugspitze magnificent and wild. Valleys green with many huts. Alpine cattle (greyish brown in colour) some with bells, pretty chalets, ski-tows and chair lifts for winter sports and lots of pylons and overhead electric cables. Back into Germany for Garmish-Partenkirchen driving down a pretty wooded valley. G-P beautifully situated, and a big tourist centre obviously fir the winter sports – 1936 Olympics were held here.

Ate our lunch in the car, weather hot and sunny, then had coffee, ice-cream, strawberry and cream cake, using up all our German cash (even a bit short, but she let us off*). Set off for Innsbruck, through continuing beautiful mountain scenery and rather better weather, through the Austrian frontier again and through Seefeld to Innsbruck and up to Natters.

Camp site is very nice and beautifully situated with mountains all round and a small lake (the Natterersee) in the centre. Got the tent up and everything just nicely before the rain set in. Several British campers (well, 3 other lots!) here, view from our tent entrance super.

* having fallen for our charming children, especially Gareth.


2 responses to “1970: May 27, Memmingen – Natters

  1. So, Sarah, are you still a bit of a shuffler in bed?!

    Great to see your mum has written down the prices of things too – fascinating to see how much things cost then.

  2. I was only fidgeting because I can’t stand being touched or touching anyone when I’m falling asleep. I start twitching, and that bed was too small for personal space, so I naturally fidgeted all night. Simples!

    I haven’t changed, no… 🙂

    The prices of things have reeeallly changed, haven’t they!

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