1970: May 30, Natters

Nasty change in the weather – yesterday’s brilliant sunshine changed to relentless rain. Our spirits further lowered by financial calculations – money very low, mainly owing to petrol and yesterday’s tolls. Went into Innsubruck and did some modest shopping. Dagger for Andrew as he was determined to have one, some food for the weekend, material for a Tyrolean dress for Sarah (they cost at least £3.10.10 to buy which is a lot anyway and certainly beyond us at present) some little houses and a church for Gareth and one or two other presents.  Rain teeming down, banks shut – a blow for us, but David managed to change our last travellers cheques in a hotel – a good time was had by all. Still the children were pleased with their things.

Had lunch at camp, then went up to Igls, where the children and I caught the train into Innsbruck and David drove down there to meet us. Ride was through the woods, mainly, and we enjoyed it, Gareth especially as he’d been nagging for a train ride ever since he first saw the little trains. Andrew fell over on the way back to the car, making 2 injuries today. Oh way a day! A tent being put up next to ours with 2 more little boys – not so many little girls seem to go camping, perhaps fathers are not so interested in taking them. Anyway this lot have just come from Czechoslovakia. Rain poured on, very cold too, felt extremely fed up and thought longingly of centrally heated houses and/or sunny beaches in the South of France.


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