1976: August 23, Le Brevedent

Awoke late-ish to another hot day. Ate our bacon breakfast, did the washing and then set off for the market at Pont l’Evéque. This was well to the west of the through road, and very busy. Outside was mainly clothes, hardware, etc., and in the hall was cheese, veg, meat and live poultry. Waited for ages at a veg stall outside, gave up in the end as relays of sharp-faced French housewives bought enough for a village for a week. Bought herbs in the hall and mirabelles (very small sweet plums), Gareth was given a handful by an indulgent Frenchman and showed off like anything. Sarah bought some very holey Emmental cheese, then we went to the charcuterie down the road and bought rôti de porc, galatine de porc and a salmon medallion for our lunch.

Stopped again in Trouville and bought some superb haricots verts from a muddled old dear whose husband was boozing in a bar, also some peaches from another stall. Then set off for the car park where we’d picnicked last year and ate a very good lunch of cold meat, red wine and peaches. Went down to the beach by the car park, a steep drop down the cliffs, but a magnificent beach, fairly rocky.

Went in the water – some cut feet on the rocks at first, but found a sandy patch and actually persuaded Gareth to swim and float, and he did quite well. Tide receding fast, so the rocks were left behind. Fine view of Le Havre (and its oil storage tanks!) and all very peaceful for a couple of hours till about 100 children from the Colonie des Vacances erupted onto the beach. From then on various forms of noise – football match, rock exploring, swimming, sunbathing etc. Our lot determinedly ignored them and set about catching hermit crabs, which were staggering around in all sorts of borrowed shells. Impossible to stand in the pools for long because of all the tickly shrimps.

Finally left, all sun-tanned, and 5.0ish and went into Trouville. Bought fresh sardines for our tea, visited Monoprix and collected some wine and came back, via a long traffic jam at Pont l’Evéque, to the site.

Cooked the evening meal – melon, hors d’oeuvres, sardines, potatoes and haricots verts, mirabelles and coffee. It was delicious! After the washing up, went to the bar and enjoyed a social evening with the Yorkshire pair and a couple from Surrey. And so to bed.


2 responses to “1976: August 23, Le Brevedent

  1. Your mum has such a way with words “sharp faced French housewives” and “muddled old dear whose husband was boozing in a bar” – just perfect!

  2. Yes, you can just picture them, can’t you? I’m surrounded by the sharp faced type.

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