1976: August 24, Le Brevedent

Weather seemed a little less settled when we awoke, but was still fine. Ate the last of the bacon (alas!), did the washing and then, after a chat with Mme C la Palice, set off for Lisieux and Caen. David determined to spin out the petrol till we reached the hypermarket, so we drove most of the way there with the red light flashing merrily, and much agitation in the back seat. Luckily for David, we made it!

Went round the Continent hypermarket and bought lots of cheap wine, fruit and various other odd and ends. Got the impression things are more expensive than last year, regardless of the rate of exchange. After this shopping, David and I had a crêpe each (lemon for me, chocolate for him) and they were very nice. Went on to the Printemps shop and there again, things were much more expensive, including our table tennis table, well up on last year’s price [yes, we bought a table tennis table and took it home on the trailer tent!- Sarah].

Ate our lunch in the car park – boned turkey and little champagne bottles of ice cream, with champagne-soaked raisins, very delicious. Bought several gallons of cheap petrol and then drove through Caen to Arromanches. Here, everything was seething – cars and crowds everywhere. Sarah and I decided it was too hot to go into the museum so we walked round the shops while the boys went round it. Shops were full of terrible souvenir tat, very expensive and crude looking on the whole. However, we bought some postcards and a Normandy sticker, watched the crowds including children riding little chariot affairs, and several dogs who were holidaying with their doting owners. Boys came out of the museum very pleased with all that they had seen.

Drove on to Omaha beach, which is enormous and very open, lovely firm sands. Not much settlement along it however, probably a bit too exposed, and it looked as if the sea washed over the road in bad weather.

As the skies were looking very threatening, indeed downright grey and leaden inland, we decided it was time to turn back. Some spots of rain as we went to Caen, but nothing very much really, it just looked terrible.

Arrived back at the camp site and prepared our dinner, which was shrimps and tomatoes and cucumber, then tins of chunky steak doctored with wine and herbs, then the enormous canteloupe melon. All tasted very good and we later adjourned to the bar and spent a pleasant hour with the couple from Esher. They had been to the races at Deauville and had a successful day, enjoying the less stratified race meetings of France. She bird-watches for part of the holiday and then he goes to the races which seems and amicable arrangement.


2 responses to “1976: August 24, Le Brevedent

  1. A table tennis table?! I’ve heard of bringing back souvenirs but….

  2. I know! I don’t know why it wasn’t mentioned actually in the previous year’s diary, unless I missed something. We strapped it to the trailer tent.

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