1976: August 26, Le Brevedent

Rather a nightmare night. Andrew thumped to and fro all night and was eventually sick all over the carpet in the trailer. Sarah said she too had been sick, but had had the decency to go the loo for the purpose. I had a bout of diarrhoea and felt distinctly queasy – only David and Gareth seemed unaffected. Think it must have been the chunky chicken.

As a result, spent the day on the camp site, and as it turned out to be very hot, we lay around on air-beds, etc., very lethargic. In fact, several other people were lying around too – it really was pulverisingly hot. No one ate much – I sipped Vittel and ate Ryvita, and the others ate similarly heavy stuff.

Children and David went in the pool, Gareth actually managed to swim 2 widths (with the ring on) much to his and our relief. Watched the family in the vast caravan with great interest – are older than they first seemed in fact, and obviously very anxious to appear perfect.


4 responses to “1976: August 26, Le Brevedent

  1. So chunky chicken was the culprit?! So glad you got to the loo in time, Sarah – made up for you being in disgrace the day before with the car keys!

  2. Yes, I rarely don’t make it to the loo. These days of course, I’m the one that has to clear it up, so an extra incentive.

    I went off chunky chicken after that.

    Yes, I think it helped me crawl out of my state of disgrace…

  3. When I were a lad (and had to SUFFER family camping holidays) I used to hate those people who were obviously very anxious to appear perfect!

    I bet they didn’t have to put up with their kids being sick all night (in the toilet or otherwise!) – in fact, generally their kids weren’t allowed to play with us (they had to do drawing or reading instead) and, if they did, they tended not to be any good at French Cricket!
    All the best


  4. I can’t stand the ‘perfect’ ones either. I’m sure it all goes horribly wrong at some point and they go mad. 🙂

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