1976: August 30, Le Brevedent

Weather rather grey again after yesterday’s rain. Very surprised to find a bright green frog outside the tent in the morning, about 1.5″ long, the colour of those awful plastic frogs. It turned out to be a tree frog, climbing up our furniture, so we put it on a nearby tree.

Went to Trouville in the morning, the weather improving considerably. Bought some small plaice at the fish market, they were 1 franc a kilo which was very reasonable – they were exceedingly fresh. Also bought two litres of mussels. Went on to Monoprix and bought a cooked chicken for lunch, then on to a bar where we sat by the pavement and had coffee and jus de fruits. Waiter tried to over-charge us, ended up by doing himself (serve him right). Gareth annexed the citron pressé which was nearly untouched on the next table and was very pleased with himself.

Nasty discovery however that Gareth had lost his thin anorak – probably in the Monoprix which was, of course, closed when we went to look. Decided to have our lunch and go back afterwards. Had to drive most of the way to Honfleur to find the beach where we’d been last week – I wish they’d make it a bit easier for ‘le pique nique’ in the holiday areas when they are so determined to stop you eating on the beach. The chicken was very nice – it had been surprisingly cheap – (7  fr), we think it must have been cooked on the Saturday and stored in the frigo over the weekend. Tide was pouring in over the beach, very windy too.

No sign of the anorak in Monoprix when we asked so someone has certainly nicked it. Fortunately we have another, fur-lined one with us, and a plastic mac, but that didn’t stop us being very cross with Gareth, who is shockingly careless about his property. Momentarily chastised, but for how long?

Drove over to Villers, where the rain came on. However we were able to walk around the town and sit on the beach for a while reading the Daily Telegraph which we’d bought for 2 fr20.

Went home and decided, in the light of bitter experience, to get the cases organised while the weather was fine. Managed to get the roof rack all packed in fact. Cooked the moules marinères which were really lovely – no baby crabs in the moules this time, thank goodness! Followed with the plaice, potatoes, beans – plaice were super – and then fruit. Bolted into the tent just in time before the heavens opened and we had a thunderstorm. Rain poured down, we were relieved we’d got as far with the packing. Went to bed fairly early, the rain was still falling, though the thunder had passed.

Stray facts:
Wasps have been a real menace this summer, and as we are in an orchard, there have been plenty here. Remedy has been to put wasp cemeteries, or old Vittel bottles with sweet liquid in – on the trees, and they are full of corpses.

Maize is one of the main fodder crops in the area, but it won’t be a very good harvest this year. Many of the plants look stunted and shrivelled and the cobs must be about half the usual size.

Costs are far higher this year – site fees, meals, food in the shops are all up on last year, and combined with our falling pound it has been very difficult. And petrol is diabolically expensive of course.


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