1976: August 31, Le Brevedent – St Hubert

Awoke to dampness but not much rain. However, the tent was very damp, and left it as long as possible, but still damp when we took it down at 10.30ish. Said farewell to the Mesnières and drove off. Sad to leave Le Brévedent – it’s such a nice site, and you feel you get to know it and its inhabitants quite well.

Drove via Cormeilles and Pont Audemer to the Caudebec ferry, and they only charged us 3 francs with the trailer which was a pleasant surprise. Bought bread and some bilberry jam at the boulangerie in a side street – you can see right into the kitchen – and ate our lunch in the same place as before, overlooking the river.

Continued up to Yvetot and on via Neuchâtel to Abbeville, and then up to Château St Hubert. Lackadaisical staff in the office kept us hanging about, but eventually we were allocated a site and swiftly unpacked the tent so that it could dry out in the wind and sun. Everything felt damp so it was a great relief the weather was so fine. Main problem about this site is its size – the toilets, washing up areas etc. are all in the château which is a good long trek from our tent, and most others. They are building some more but they are not ready this year anyway, so that we shall be driving up with our washing up I think! Washed out some socks and pants, and confused to find the blue spot was on the hot tap…

With the tents up and washing done, things were a lot more civilised, had a drink then prepared tea which was tins of steak with additives, followed by peaches. All went down well – we were quite hungry, and the children played table tennis afterwards. Had an early night as we felt it had been quite a long day – would have been worse if they hadn’t improved the roads quite a lot since last year.


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