1971: June 2, Camp Marina di Venezia

Morning find and warm, just right for lazing around the camp. All wrote up holiday diaries after breakfast, including Gareth who is very busy with his, sticking things in and writing industriously. Did some washing – it really is luxurious having hot water at the outside basins, none of that endless boiling up of kettles for washing operations, in fact we only use our gas to cook, and we are not doing much of that!

Went on to the beach and sunbathed and bathed. Actually got Gareth to take his shoes and socks off and have a little paddle. Sarah in and out all the time, a proper water baby. Had a lazy lunch in the shade of our little tree outside the tent, then a rest. Whole camp site very somnolent after lunch, most people have some kind of siesta. Returned to the beach after for some more water, sand and sun. The beach is a lovely one, very sandy and gently sloping. The tide comes in just a few yards, they rake over the beach every day to stop it looking tatty. At the moment it’s pleasantly empty, but no doubt it’s jammed in the high season.

After giving the children their tea, we had ours – tinned gazpacho, fresh fried sardines, tomato salad, peas and asparagus. Delicious! Had our stroll around the camp site and beach. David having over-exposed his legs, suffering agonies with sunburn.  For some obscure reason, he did not expect his arms and legs to burn, he took plenty of precautions with his torso…


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