1971: June 5, Camp Marina di Venezia

Another fine morning – rolls and fruit juice for us for breakfast, eggs for the children, in the shade of our little tree. Did some washing after breakfast, during the course of which operation Gareth vanished. Frantic hunts all over the camp site, and he was eventually found being taken to the reception office by a German lady who had found him right on the far side. Whew! He was very subdued for a while, let’s hope he doesn’t try wandering off again. No doubt, as he had found his own way back from the beach to get his cars, he felt he could manage from the toilets to the tent.

Went on to the beach. Andrew and Sarah played with the boat, Gareth and I built camps for Jerry Mouse and Panda. Sarah is a proper water baby, she loves diving under the water, and stays in for hours. Had a salad lunch with the corned beef and tinned fruit, then a siesta before going back to the beach. Sarah caught the sun on her arms quite badly (not wearing her beach jacket as she had been told to do) and retreated miserably to the tent, put to bed with soothing lotion, aspirin and milk, and fed parts of his tea by Gareth who was most concerned about her.

Andrew hunting around for his playing cards, having brightly left them on the table outside the tent in a brisk sea breeze… All turned up in the end, but got very fed up with the hunt, he was sent to bed in disgrace. Gareth being very virtuous, the only Good Child.

We were exhausted so went to the pizzeria and had a Pizza Romana and Pizza Marina. The oven is fascinating, shaped like a huge clay bee-hive, with wood fires. Imagine working there on a hot summer day! Had a 1/2 bottle of local red wine, and the meal was super – tasty filling, nice thin pizza – just the job! Went back to sobbing Sarah, more lotions and disprin and she went off to sleep, chuntering away. Watched a couple make elaborate preparations to sleep in the car – could not think what they were doing at first! People opposite with the teenage daughter obviously going tomorrow, doing some immaculate packing.


2 responses to “1971: June 5, Camp Marina di Venezia

  1. I love it that your mum leaves you suffering with sunburn while she has a delicious pizza and wine. Those were the days!

  2. Yes! I remember that sunburn too. I also remember the useless calomine lotion that just dried and caked onto my skin and did not a lot else really. I don’t remember relieving the pain!

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