1971: June 6, Marina di Venezia

Woke to a lovely sunny morning, but quite a wind. Cooked the last of the bacon for the children’s breakfast, that ice-box has been well worth getting, it keeps things very satisfactorily. Not much hot water this morning, a result of last night’s thunder I suppose. Bought Gareth his kite like a parachutist as his present from Venice and went down to the beach to fly it, but wind quite tricky. Andrew out in the boat with Germany boy and Paul – waves big, and boat capsized but Paul hung on to the ring and I carried him in. Lifeguards keeping a careful eye on this morning’s tide – one on the turn it was quite tricky.

Had a special Sunday lunch – chicken cooked on the spit (Pollo Arezzo), baby green beans, crisps, wine and fresh cherries to follow. Very nice, beans were especially nice. After lunch did some washing, children wrote and played chess. Lizards scuttle round in the sun – one near us has no tail, obviously lost it at some point. Birds getting very fat on all the food we give them. Went back on to the beach – Sarah not sunbathing today, as a result of her excesses, but smartly attired in black sweater, white shorts and gondolier hat. Still very windy on the beach, and clouds piled up later in the afternoon, so retreated to the tent, and we all made preparations for the rain – great bustle over the camp site! For an awful moment thought it was going to pass us by and all that frenzied preparation for nothing, but it rained hard eventually. Cooked up a nice evening meal of bouillabaisse, roast duck, beans and lychees (mostly out of tins) and retired early to get up early the next day.


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