1968: Norway – Day 1 – Black Prince

Hours of hanging about before we eventually got on the ship, by which time Babbit was getting very fed up, and so were we. Complete chaos once we did get on, frantic searchings for our cabin, trudging up and down stairs with all the overnight luggage and Babbit, but eventually got there. Very nice cabin with Norwegian eiderdowns on, and a porthole. Pull handle to flush toilet and in came the frothing waters of the North Sea.

Food not really suitable for the children’s tea, open sandwiches, but they seemed satisfied, and then had a bath which was terrific excitement – even Gareth had a go. Got them to bed – much too excited to sleep for a while, but quite happy to be left. We had a meal in the 1st class dining room – cold table, and very nice too. Cold meats, all kinds of fish in oil, smoked salmon and fresh salmon, pork chops, rice fruits, mousses, cheese and biscuits. Had a good fill – no coffee unfortunately. Sat in the lounge – some people from Romford on the boat… and tottered to bed 10.0pm ish. Somewhat disturbed night – Andrew’s eiderdown fell off, foghorn blowing, ship heaving about a bit etc., but not too bad.

Breakfasted at 8.45 – children had bacon, we had cornflakes, then rather a long seeming morning reading fairy tales, pacifying Gareth and keeping everyone amused till lunch – salad for us, flounder and chips for them. Quite a few Norwegian girls travelling alone, to visit parents. One had 3 small children. Boat very luxurious, complete with swimming pool, deck games, very nice shop and air of luxury cruiser which was a bonus when crossing the N. Sea. Gareth yelled and yelled as we arrived, so we missed the first sight of Kristiansand except from the porthole. Drive off at about 2.30 with a lurch to the right hand side.


2 responses to “1968: Norway – Day 1 – Black Prince

  1. Settling down for a morning’s read. Who, or what, is Babbit?

  2. Babbit is Gareth. That’s what he was known as when a baby apparently.

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