1968: Norway – Day 2 – Kristiansand – Mandal

Once out of Kristiansand, driving less alarming, and we bowled along wooded roads quite fast. Even had a road under a road which surprised us so early on. Yellow markings on the roads, surface a bit variable. Country very pretty, houses made of wood and painted in white, mustard, dark red, pale blue and green. Not a great many animals about, mainly a few brown cattle. Pale beigy coloured horses. Strawberries planted everywhere mulched with polythene.

On arrival at Mandal, search for camp site. It was not really open, but we could camp. Unfortunately no proper toilet/washing facilities open, the previous block had been damaged by frost, now one nearing completion but not ready yet. Rather disastrous till we discovered the existence of some more-or-less ready ones. Got the tent up, children played on the beach, which was a nice one with clean sand and gentle waves. Camp situated in the pine trees and well hidden. Mr and Mrs Romford had a hut, they are quite big with one main room and a smaller one (with bunks) and kitchen corner. Exceedingly boring conversation about their Yugoslav holiday. Had an early night – tent crammed with everything, we must organise this better.

Children seemed happy anyway and Gareth being much better now he has more familiar things around. The by at Mandal is pretty with numerous skerries, rather rugged, and pine trees down to the sand-dunes. Small automatic light-house in the dunes. Our main problem – lack of facilities – no shop open… just as well we had evap. and the milk we’d brought and a sliced loaf – and of course all our food. Tent organisation too.


One response to “1968: Norway – Day 2 – Kristiansand – Mandal

  1. There’s always a Mr and Mrs Romford to bore the pants off you on holiday haha!

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