1968: Norway – Day 3 – Mandal

Woke reasonable time and had breakfast. Weather rather grey and dank, but not actually pouring. Went into Mandal with is a very attractive place full of white wooden houses and shops and an enormous copper beech in the middle. Fishing boats all along the quay but no sign of a fish shop anywhere – walked round and round looking for one. Got very frustrated. Bought some delicious bread and some milk which turned out to be cream… Supermarket quite nice, but awful meat. Goods in shops see quite expensive. Lots of British stuff about.

Loads of Fords. Cars very often white. Piles of wood logs outside houses.

After lunch, weather very gloomy, decided to go a car trip to Lindesnes, which is Norway’s most southerly point. Road quite good at first but then sudden deterioration into gravel track, full of potholes. Bumpy ride, especially for the back seat brigade. Sarah went very quiet. Gareth and Andrew very cheerful. Lindesnes was impressive – rounded granite blocks forming massive hills falling straight into the water – which was full of mussels and whelks, and red and green seaweed. All went mountaineering and threw stones in, watched the bus come and go and then returned – roads are real bone-shakers! Some very pretty gardens along the way.

After supper, joined by a Scots boy and Norwegian girl friend and had an interesting talk. Fish is only sold in one shop apparently – a kind of wholesaler. Mr and Mrs R had a salmon trout, about 7/6 and not very big. Very cold in bed that night – lay in chilly misery and vowed to have more bedclothes next time. Children don’t feel it though. Can’t understand that Gareth! Outside his bag again.


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