1968: Norway – Day 6 – Kinsarvik

Got the hut up first and moved ourselves over to the tent, got settled in there. Tents going up like mushrooms all round. Decided to get out for the day and went through the village, following the fjord. More blossom at the foot of the slopes and wherever there is a hollow and masses of dandelions, combined effect very pretty. Did some shopping in a supermarket at Eidfjord, a large place with great variety of goods. We bought some [knitting] patterns of the Fair Isles for Muzz’ [my grandmother] benefit, they have charts fortunately, and also some sun-glasses for me and some baby food for Gareth. Drove on past the head of the fjord up the Geile road and over an enormous waterfall – the noise was shattering.

Country very mild, very steep slopes and screes, but a fair amount of traffic. Came back down the valley, which grew steadily more wooded and the river frothing away, past several camping huts, back to the fjord where there was a camp site by the water. Spent the rest of the day here. Children soon in the water, which was freezing, in their swimming costumes splashing around. After lunch David and I also changed and sunbathed beneath the snows. Really hot sun – children soon running around nude, splashing in a pool in the field, churning up mud, but very cheerful. Gave the car a much needed wash also, throwing buckets of water at it getting rid of some of the dust accumulation. Eventually left at 4.00ish as the sun began to go beneath the mountain top, making it much colder.

Camp site very full on our return, noticed most people had a single gas ring over an enormous cylinder. Jolly games and singing round the camp fire. Viking surprised our children were in bed by 10.00pm.


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