1968: Norway – Day 7 – Kinsarvik

Another lovely day, campers all busy cooking boiled eggs. We are nearly at the end of our bacon now, alas. Decided to go on the ferry from Brignes (?) at 9.30, so set off early in case there was a queue. Fishing boats out in the fjord, seagulls hovering over the lines of orange floats. Not a big queue fortunately, watched a large eel-like fish swimming near the shore. Pair of little girls in traditional dress, very pretty. Beautiful trip to Ulvik, fjord looking gorgeous, fresh green of trees and blossom and very clear water. Ulvik at the head of an arm a real sun-trap with some big hotels and a white church with a grey spire.

Followed the road up and out and somewhat gravelly over parts, mountain streams and piles of logs around. Came down to Granvin and sat by the water for a while, then climbed again to Voss past the Skjervet falls. Terrific spray thrown up and lots of rainbows. Road following the railway now – a branch of the Oslo/Bergen line, and dropped gently down to Voss, in a relatively wide valley and prosperous too.

Voss itself big with very wide streets and a lovely stone church. Had a look at the station – no trains, but a goods train with a flat wagon loaded with British cars! Then found the cable car, there were 2 cars – 1 yellow, 1 red. We went up in the yellow one – crowded, including a pair of skiers. I was terrified, no one else was. At the top a splendid view.

Voss is, of course, a winter sports resort and must be very nice then. After wandering around in the snows with both Andrew and Gareth being rather trying and Sarah had a smack also! – we descended in the red one and made for a camp site near the lake. Site was quite crowded, but found a shady spot and there was a swimming pool near! After lunch we changed and all went in – great excitement. Main pool too deep for the children to the great regret, but there was a small shallow children’s pool which was just the job. They spent hours splashing around in this and had rides in a large red plastic ‘boat’. Eventually dragged out when blue with cold! Set off at 4.00ish for Granvin and Kvendal, David anxious about crowds for the ferry. Road from Granvin very pretty along the fjord with waterfalls at frequent intervals and fjord waters calm and dark green. Not too many at Kvandal, but to our disappointment couldn’t get on the big boat, went on a smaller Folfeform instead. This dawdled outside Kinsarvik for hours, waiting for the Hardinger to go in first. Gareth got very fidgety in the sun, but happier in the saloon.

Camp seething with activity and lots of songs and games and band of the local Band of Hope (?) in blue uniforms playing hymns, etc. Three-legged football one of the attractions. Met some English ladies from Bredon who are on a Clarkson’s tour, staying at the local hotel. Quite late finishing as there were lots of closing speeches. Lots of people in traditional dress as it was Whit Sunday and some interesting variations.


2 responses to “1968: Norway – Day 7 – Kinsarvik

  1. Oh this particular post has brought back some memories. My only visit to Norway was when I was probably about 11 – we went on a short trip, arranged by our local newspaper, to Ulvik. Gorgeous place.
    Your mention of a Clarkson’s tour made me laugh too. We were on a package tour with them in the 1970s to Minorca. The company went into liquidation while we were there and our travel rep left us in the lurch. I think we got home ok but via a different airport!

  2. Travel companies have a habit of doing that, don’t they. Thomas Cook looks to be doing similar at the moment!

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