1968: Norway – Day 8 – Kinsarvik

Another very hot day, decided to go to Utne in the morning and swim in the pool on one of the camp sites in the p.m. This plan thwarted by the ferry times, so reversed arrangements. Went along to the pool, in the camp site in the orchard. Children said the water was cold, but played around there anyway. While we sunbathed, Gareth slept under the trees. Sun very hot and place seething with campers. Our main problem today was a) milk and b) bread, neither being available as it was a holiday. Fortunately we were able to manage with Marvel, tinned mile and Ryvita.

After a good roasting, we caught the 12.00 ferry to Utne and to our joy it was the Hardinger, with a large load of cars. It’s a large ship, plenty of room for everyone. Trip to Utne quite a short one – it felt odd not having the car with us. Utne very small and peaceful, a few white wooden buildings and white wooden church, orchards, and beehives and the scent of blossom which seems everywhere in Mardanger. Found a place by a boathouse and settled down for the afternoon, with tinned ham lunch. Lots of boats up and down the fjord, some ferrying and some cruising. The owner of the boathouse went out with his son and various people came and sat by the water, including some children and a baby in a pram. Two little girls very interested in Gareth who wallowed in their interest of course, and we had a very pleasant time, getting the ferry back at 5.00.

Camp strangely deserted – everyone had gone and only about four tents there, all new ones. Decided not to leave until Wednesday as this is such a lovely spot.


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