1968: Norway – Day 12 – Byglandsfjord – Kristiansand

Set off after the usual tidy up – we are getting practised in shooting things in and out of that car now – and floor wash. Quick return to make sure electricity was off, then on to return the key and do some lunch shopping in Byglandsfjord. Got 1/2 kilo of some very nice ham and exceedingly fresh loaf, went on again on the road to Arendal, which is our old acquaintance No.9 mostly gravelly surface, going through very pretty wooded/farming country. Logs by roadside have coloured spots on them, we noticed for the first time today, denoting ownership presumably. Passed some heavily laden log lorries and several sawmills. Patches of quite reasonable land, growing some fodder crops and strawberries and grass, which chestnut brown cattle, never very many. Improved stretches of road through the villages, very irritating! but lots of work going on elsewhere, including some dynamiting. Spreading an oily grit in places, rather unpleasant. Road transport as we know it doesn’t seem to exist – except for tankers and very heavy stuff, like building materials and timber. Otherwise it’s done in single-decker bus-like vehicles, sometimes with a passenger section. Saw lots in Byglandsfjord. Picnicked by a lake, too chilly to hang around although a sunny day. Went on down to Arendal, very pretty, set on rocky slopes around a branching inlet, white and red houses. Followed the coast road – much more prosperous agriculture and saw several very pretty bays. Road is good and country pretty. Moisland site gorgeous – slide on the beach impressed Andrew and Sarah but not open and toilets being rebuilt which settled the matter. Pressed on to Hanresand, near Kristiansand, through some tunnels. This site enormous, pine woods down to the beach, huts high up on a sandy ridge. Very few people about, but secured a hut and settled in – quite elaborate huts, and roomy too.

Went down to the beach, very sandy and Andrew and Sarah soon got busy doing various construction jobs with pieces of timber. The airport is very near here and saw several planes take off, soaring off a large piece of moraine and over the water. The bed ( but not sleep) for Andrew and Sarah and supper for us, including a shrimp mayonnaise bought in Byglandsfjord and very tasty. Back to Heilmelk her incidentally.


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