Where does the name for this blog come from?

It was during a family holiday. We had been camping in Wookey Hole and it had been raining, a lot. So much so in fact, that the camp-site flooded.

In his haste to leave, David, my husband, didn’t attach the trailer-tent properly to the car. As we were driving along towards Swansea where we were due to spend some time with my mother, we looked out of the window to see a trailer-tent sailing past.

This was a strange sight, an overtaking trailer-tent. Even stranger was that it looked exactly like our trailer-tent, and it had no car towing it.

“Isn’t that the trailer-tent?” we said practically in unison. We, that is me and the three children – Andrew, Sarah and Gareth. David was not looking at the trailer-tent, he was looking at the road.

When he turned to look at the phenomenon of the errant trailer-tent, I seem to remember he uttered something like ‘bloody hell!’ but I didn’t reprimand him because of the children; I was thinking along similar lines myself.

We followed it until it came to a stop in the fast lane on a bend and had to do some hurried reattachment work before we were mown down at high speed by a lorry.

The overtaking trailer-tent is not an image any of us have ever forgotten, so it seemed appropriate to name this blog after that moment when we uttered the immortal words,”Isn’t that the trailer-tent?”

About Me

Mary Hague, born in 1933, in Mumbles, went to Swansea High School for Girls on the Mumbles Train, then to Newnham College, Cambridge to read Geography. Met David there and got married after leaving university.

Fell unfortunately into teaching in East Ham, thankfully left when I was having children, then unwisely answered a cry for help to join the staff of a secondary modern school for girls in Hornchurch, and left only upon retirement.

Ideas of frivolity and pleasing myself were sharply curtailed at the onset of David’s Alzheimer’s. He now requires full-time caring and is a right pain. It seems likely though, that Alzheimer’s is the logical continuation of his natural state of forgetful disorganisation.

It all becomes horribly apparent reading through these old diaries – he was always basically like that!

Update: David passed away peacefully in April 2012.


2 responses to “About

  1. I stumbled across your blog via a google search for ‘St Servan Colonie de Vacances 1975’. I stayed there as a teenager in 1975 and thought of popping back to St Servan tomorrow when I drive from Plouguerneau to Dragey Ronthon. I’m on a walking holiday with my dog. I wouldn’t have predicted that as my future back in 1975.
    Your blog is a lovely idea and I adore the drawings too. I have bookmarked it so will read more. Thank you for taking the time to do it.
    Best wishes,


  2. Thank you for your kind words, Jo. I hope you enjoy it, and your walking tour.

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